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Convenient and Easy to Use
Our products make life (and washing laundry) easier. At Laundry Alternative, our products are famous for their high ratings, affordable prices and fast shipping for over 15 years. Our portable washing machines and portable clothes dryer make laundry days a breeze, accommodating small loads of delicate items like lingerie, cloth diapers or a few pairs of jeans. Our passionate team of specialists promotes the newest and cleanest forms of laundry technology, because we truly care about the environment. Our products are known to be much more affordable than other sellers, because we believe that it shouldn’t cost more to go green.

Days of wasting water on a few items, or frequent trips to the laundry mat to wash cloth diapers are a thing of the past. Our customers are amazed at our efficient, high-pressure technology to thoroughly clean its loads. It cleans at the same quality and sometimes even better than conventional washers. Astoundingly, our products wash up to 100x faster than regular washing and drying machines.

Set-up for our lightweight washers and dryers is simple. Unlike conventional washers and dryers, they don’t require a lot of work. Forget about hookups or complicated installation procedures -- start cleaning your laundry in 2 to 3 minutes.

Compact and lightweight, our washers and dryers use less space than conventional machines, making them ideal for small apartments and tight living areas. Most of our products fit on top of your kitchen counter allowing you save trips to the laundry mat. If you’re tired of lugging around heavy laundry and spending money on expensive laundry rooms, switch to a handy, user-friendly compact washing machine.

Washing laundry has never been easier. The Laundry Alternative is proud to carry convenient, easy-to-use washers and dryers, made to save you time, money, and space. Many of our compact models can fit into car trunks, require no maintenance, and pay for themselves after only 8 weeks. Wash loads in a few minutes while conserving water and energy.

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