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Smallest Mini Washing Machine

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There is another contestant in the battle for the world's smallest mini washing machine, which we've been observing for the past 15 years. Called the SpotLess Turbo Washer, it's actually more correct to call it a stain removal device. Not only can it clean stains on clothes, it also supposedly removes them from furniture and carpets.

Per the manufacturer's website,

"SpotLess™ is a quick, portable and powerful solution for removing most of the common stains from your cloth, carpet, furniture, curtain, car seat or any washable fabric material. SpotLess'™ patented turbo air technology uses high turbo pressure to force air, water and detergent deep into any fabric, and disintegrate stains, fast! Each pump release will create turbo vacuum power to get stains out. The European patented design makes cleaning most common stains a breeze. Just a few pumps of your Spotless Turbo Washer and stubborn stains are gone."

The mini washing machine hardly takes up any space, with the following dimensions:

*In storage size: Overall diameter 3.06 x Height 2.34 inches. (7.78 x 5.95 cm).
*In use (Cloth) size: Overall diameter 3.06 X Height 5.12 inches. (7.78 x 13 cm.

It also claims to be gentler on the clothes, as many traditional stain removal methods rely on mechanical action such as rubbing, using brushes, etc. This product instead uses a gentle technology which pumps air into the fabric.

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