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Fold-Up Portable Clothes Dryer Review

We first noticed this product about 10 years ago in Hong Kong. Since then, dozens if not hundreds of factories in China have started making this product. It's a type of folding portable clothes dryer that has a small heater on the bottom, collapsible hollow metal legs, a folding outer shell and hangers at the top. It's [...]

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Wood Burning Portable Washing Machine?

We recently noticed an extremely interesting, concept portable washing machine from India. Concept washers are a dime a dozen, and most are not that well thought out. On the other hand, the Indra washing machine by Elodie Delassus appears to be a more serious effort. The basic premise (that labor is cheaper than using electricity [...]

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New Concept Mini Washing Machine from India

The Handy washing machine is completely different concept washer. Most mini washing machines are fairly similar to your average washing machine, just smaller and with one or more of the features stripped out. The Handy Washing Machine, on the other hand, is a device made up of a handle, impeller and small electric motor that [...]

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Washing Machine Suitcase

We live, breathe, eat and sleep portable washing machines and dryers, so we are admittedly biased. But in our humble opinion, the washing machine suitcases made at http://www.suitsuit.com are the coolest we've ever seen. It's not an actual washing machine, but sure looks like one. They have some other really beautiful suitcase designs as well. Actually [...]

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Why Spin Dryers Rock

The USA could save 6-10% of all home energy consumption simply by using spin dryers. That may seem like an outrageous statement but it's true. Conventional tumble dryers are energy hogs, they use 5000+ watts and run for a long time. On the other hand, spin dryers use 100 TIMES less energy than conventional tumble [...]

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Laundry Room Etiquette or Why Should Get Your Own Portable Washer & Dryer

Reading through the posts on laundry room etiquette at http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/on-shared-laundry-... it really hit home in 2 ways: 1. Doing laundry in many shared laundry facilities is a hassle and wastes a great deal of time; 2. As a company specializing in portable washing machines and dryers, we are definitely in the right business! Some of the main issues with laundry room [...]

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Chinese Student Invents Folding Compact Washing Machine

A Chinese student has developed folding compact washing machine for small spaces, traveling, etc. The base itself- which contains the motor- is fixed, but the washing compartment can be folded down for storage or transportation.  To save space, it uses an impeller rather than an agitator.  The folding washer was invented and patented by 21-year-old Pu Qingliang, [...]

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Portable Washing Machine from the Future

The Maglev washing machine by Jakub Lekes is a stunningly beautiful portable washing machine from the future. Not only is the design brilliant, so is the concept. It utilizes the same principles that maglev trains use, i.e. using magnets to suspend and hold the inner drum in place. As a result, the circular inner drum offers [...]

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Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machines

Ultrasonic washing machines use ultrasound and a cleaning solvent (or in some cases just water) to clean items such as jewelry, medical instruments, watches, glasses, electronics and more. Ultrasound machines uses cavitation bubbles, which are created by the high frequency sound waves. In addition to being very gentle, ultrasound is also able to penetrate into nooks [...]

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Why Your Front Load Washer Smells

Treehugger has an excellent article on issues with front loading washing machine odors. It's a well-known issue, not to most consumers but to industry experts. There is some debate on the causes, but the main ones appear to be: 1. US consumers not used to using front load washers. For example, one of the ways [...]

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