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Apartment Size Washer and Dryer Alternatives

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When most people think of an apartment size washer and dryer, they immediately think of a front loading washer dryer. However, while in some cases that is a good solution, there are some other viable alternatives. First, the pros and cons of a front loading washer dryer are:

*Only need to purchase one unit, not two
*Condensor dryer does not require venting to the outside, unlike traditional tumble dryers. These types are most commonly used in apartment buildings, vented washer dryers are also available and commonly used in marine and RV markets. As a result, it gives you more flexibility when choosing a location. 
*They use less water than conventional washing machines.

*Even though it's only one unit, price can still be prohibitive.
*Units are still fairly large and heavy (front loaders are much heavier than top loaders).
*The drying load size is smaller than the washing load size, because washing and drying use different principles of operation. Each function actually needs its own appropriately sized drum, but that's not realistic.
*Some front loading washers are vulnerable to mold, mildew and other smells. You can reduce the risk by leaving the door open for ventilation.
*They take a longer time to wash and dry, compared to conventional units.
*Washing load size is fairly small, normally 6-10 lbs. capacity depending on the model.

While there are no direct washer dryer in one alternatives, there are several combinations of products that take up minimal space, wash and dry rapidly and cost several times less. For example, we have portable washing machines ranging from $42.95 to $109, and spin dryers ranging from $69.95 to $145. The spin dryers get the clothes almost dry in a mere 2-3 minutes, using 100 times less energy than conventional tumble dryers. All of these units are fully portable and don't require a conventional washer/dryer hookup.

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