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Chinese Taxi Driver Invents Portable Underwear Washing Machine

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Mr. Li, a taxi driver from Chongqing, recently invented and patented a highly unique portable washing machine designed to wash underwear.

Why underwear? Don't you just put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes? Actually it turns out some Chinese prefer to wash their underwear separately, for hygiene reasons.

Mr. Li's invention washes underwear clean in under a minute, using a unique piston mechanism. This is a lot faster and easier than washing underwear by hand, as many do.

There is no information as to how well/clean it washes compared to regular washing machines, mini washing machines, and hand washing. However if it cleans effectively, we'd definitely give it a thumbs up. There probably is some extra space that could be removed, and it could be made a little more stylish. However those are easy things to fix, normally most inventions fail because the underlying technology doesn't work.

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