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Compact Washing Machines


Our compact washing machines at Laundry Alternative are incredibly easy to use. Have you ever found yourself at an apartment complex hauling your load of delicates to an expensive laundry mat? Have you ever asked yourself why you should pay the full price for such a small load? Do you ever wonder how much energy you are really spending on frequent small loads if you wash your clothing at home with a conventional washer?

At Laundry Alternative we provide compact washing machine solutions to save space, energy and money for our valued customers. Our electric portable washers can fit right on your counter-top and can plug into any conventional household outlet, leaving you a practical and effective way to wash your clothes throughout the week. Our machines are so quiet that they are perfect for small spaces like apartments and RVs.

Our mini washing machines are more efficient than a conventional washer. Our Wonderwash, for example, uses high-pressure technology to force the detergent through your clothing in just a few minutes, using no energy at all. It's also gentler on delicates, allowing your clothes to last longer. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that using a mini washing machine uses even less water than it would to hand wash your clothing. Now that’s eco-friendly!

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