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Made in the USA Portable Clothes Dryer

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As a company which specializes in portable clothes dryers and other compact, energy efficient laundry appliances, we were quite impressed to see the Best Drying Rack. Invented by Baka Specialties LLC, not only is this a highly superior drying rack, it's also made in the USA. There are many, many reasons to choose this over other drying racks:

1. No plastic parts, all wood and metal;
2. Based on antique drying racks built in the first half of the 19th century, which were designed to last;
3. Non-toxic finish;
4. Much better quality than the flimsy, tippy accordion type units sold at discount stores;
5. Top rotates for easy loading;
6. Open 52" round by 38" tall
7. Closed only 8" round by 27" tall

You can find much more information and ordering options on their website at


We are not affiliated with them in any way, we just admire their craftsmanship and wish to spread the word.

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