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New Concept Mini Washing Machine from India

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The Handy washing machine is completely different concept washer. Most mini washing machines are fairly similar to your average washing machine, just smaller and with one or more of the features stripped out. The Handy Washing Machine, on the other hand, is a device made up of a handle, impeller and small electric motor that attaches to a bucket to wash. The main advantages are:

1. Because it uses the bucket as it's washing tub, a lot of space is saved. It's more suitable as a travel washing machine as well. This makes it cheaper to ship, store and manufacture (although the sales price doesn't yet reflect this).

2. You can use different size buckets to wash, which gives you more flexibility.

3. Compact even compared to other mini washers. The dimensions are 6.5" x 5.9" x 16.5" and it weighs a mere 4.6 lbs.

Some of the first thoughts I had upon seeing this:

1. There are limits to how much it can wash. The official capacity is listed as 5.5 lbs. Because it's a small motor, you can't wash very large loads, although the capacity is not too bad. It would be really interesting to make one with a larger capacity, but that would require a larger more powerful, expensive motor, and probably expensive changes to the molds.

2. As the product is immersed in water, it would need to be well sealed for safety purposes.

3. As the agitator goes on the side of the bucket, unlike most mini washers where it goes below, does it still wash effectively?

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