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New Mini Washing Machine from Brazil

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There is a new concept mini washing machine from Brazil. On the surface, it appears to be very similar to many other mini washers. However the inventor claims it is much quieter, which would be a major breakthrough. Most mini washers are inexpensive, but quite loud. As washing machine cycles can be fairly long, this can be irritating if you live in a small space, unlike a big house where you can put the washing machine in the basement. We haven't been able to find the inventor and get details on the noise level, motor type and decibel level yet, but will keep trying and post details when we find out.

We also carry a product called the Wonderwash, which is non-electric and very quiet as a result. It washes up to 5 lbs. per load in only 1-2 minutes, and at only $42.95 is inexpensive.

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