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Portable Washing Machine from the Future

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The Maglev washing machine by Jakub Lekes is a stunningly beautiful portable washing machine from the future. Not only is the design brilliant, so is the concept. It utilizes the same principles that maglev trains use, i.e. using magnets to suspend and hold the inner drum in place. As a result, the circular inner drum offers 2 major advantages:

1. As it doesn't connect to the rest of the machine in any way when in use, it greatly reduces noise and vibration. 
2. Better washing ability, because the circular drum can turn in many directions not just one. 

The main question, and the most important one that the various articles covering this concept washing machine don't mention is how much do the magnets cost? Because if the cost is too high, then it wouldn't be feasible to manufacture. Other than the magnets, the rest of the costs would not be that high. A second related question is would it actually work as claimed? To the best of our knowledge, there is no working prototype. 

Other key questions are:
1. Does it have a pump? Where? 
2. How long would the inlet and drain hoses be? You really couldn't use it in the middle of the room as shown, it would need to be near a water source such as a kitchen faucet. 

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