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Septic Products - Filtrol 160 Septic Tank Filter


A septic system filter at Laundry Alternative like our Filtrol 160 septic protector is cleverly designed to prevent washing machine lint from clogging up your septic system. Buying a septic protector today can save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Your septic system is bound to need maintenance at some point in time, so maintaining a quality and effective system is a way you can reduce costs.

Septic tank maintenance is largely caused by poor filtration in your washer. You’d be surprised to know that most lint screens and nylon socks only filter out 5% of lint from your system. You wonder why they are even used at all! Our septic filters are conversely known to remove 99% of lint particles compared to alternative methods, ensuring that your septic system maintenance is minimal and that it functions properly for years to come.

This small investment prevents huge maintenance costs in the future on your septic system. Septic systems are designed to carry your washing water waste to the sewage system. When this tank becomes clogged with lint, it starts to break down as it has to work harder to force the water through. A septic tank filter can easily prevent costly fixes that would otherwise be necessary to your system.

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