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Wonderwash Off Grid Washing Machine

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The Wonderwash is a popular off grid washing machine. It is a hand-cranked machine that has no motor or internal moving parts, so you don't need any power to operate it. Nor is any maintenance required. Due to the simple design, there is not that much that can go wrong leading to a much longer product lifespan. Despite the low price and compact design, it can wash 5 lbs. of laundry (1-2 pairs of jeans) per load.

There are many independent reviews on the Internet, such as at:


There are some concerns that the frame is flimsy. However, this is intentional. In the past, we tested using some more rigid, expensive material and actually found the breakage rate to be significantly higher. We do plan on changing to a more rigid material in the future, one that won't break. However that will be mainly just for marketing purposes, because we very rarely see issues with frame breaking. If you look through many of the online comments, you can see that we mean. Most of the comments are concerns about the frame being flimsy and breaking, rather than actual cases of this happening.

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