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World's Fastest Mini Clothes Dryer

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The Vapper Dryer is by far the world's fastest mini clothes dryer. It can fully dry a t-shirt in well under 10 minutes. It does this by maximizing several key drying parameters. The underlying science is actually fairly complicated and difficult for the average person to understand, but everyone can see the results.

Not only does it dry the clothes quickly, it is also much gentler on them than a conventional tumble dryer.

World's fastest clothes dryer

  • New high-tech, patented product, backed by years of research
  • Dries shirts in under 10 minutes!/li>
  • Super light and compact, weighs a little over 1 lb. and folds to the size of a newspaper
  • Can safely dry cashmere, wool and many other delicates tumble dryers can't
  • Brand new invention uses pressure and dries from the inside out
  • Can remove odors
  • Heat source is provided by a hair dryer
  • Ideal for travel, apartments, boating, camping, RV's or if you just need an item dried quickly.
  • Only $19.99!

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