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The Laundry Alternative has been featured in...

Septic System Savvy

Back Home Magazine: Sep/Oct 2001

How to keep your sanitary drain field working the way it should.

Boat Shopper: Essential Gear for You & Your Boat

Southern Boating: Feb 2003

Laundry on board a vessel without a built-in clothes washer is an unpleasant task at best...

Curing the Washday Blues

Cruising World: Feb 2002

Don't let soiled clothes cramp your cruising lifestyle - wash, rinse, spin and dry them using these handy tips...

Crank the Laundry

Powerboat Reports: Nov 2002

Doing the laundry on a boat during a cruise or passage poses a bit of a challenge...

Crank the Laundry

Practical Sailor: Sept 2002

Doing the laundry on a boat during a cruise or passage poses a bit of a challenge...

From Bow to Stern

Houseboat Magazine

There is an alternative...

My Beautiful Laundrette

British Columbia Magazine

No more sitting in the local laundromat in your bathing suit...


Back Home Magazine: Sep/Oct 2001

Lid is off of talking washing machines

Richmond VA Times-Dispatch: Oct 2002

If your washing machine could talk, what would it say?...

At the Chandlery

Latitudes & Attitude


Country and Small Stock Journal: March/April 2001


  • Cruising World Magazine
  • The Indianapolis Star-Tribune
  • The Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch
  • Orlando FL Times
  • Cincinnati Inquirer, Practical Sailor
  • Living Aboard
  • Southern Boating
  • Latitudes & Attitudes

Our Septic Protector has also been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX and in Mother Earth News. We also offer quality information on septic system maintenance which has been published in Countryside Magazine, Back Home Magazine and Mother Earth News.

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